Chartr 200
VNG/ENG System

Combine with Chartr EP200
ICS Impulse
ICS Impulse® is a customizable solution. Choose between Video Frenzel, Video Head Impulse with age based normative data, Positional and Oculomotor - or choose all four.

You decide how ICS Impulse works best for your facility.
Chartr EP200
Complete test battery includes saccades, pursuit, optokinetics, gaze, static positional, Dix Hallpike, calorics and other specialized tests.
After completing the static positional or caloric tests, the Interpretation Assistant™, a unique diagnostic algorithm that supports the user in making comfortable diagnoses and accurate test interpretations, provides an unambiguous presentation of findings that is easily transferred to the patient report or communicated to a referral source.
VG40 Goggles
Irrigation with the ICS AirCal provides a modern choice for gold standard caloric irrigation. It combines the convenience and patient comfort of air, with the precision of water irrigation, enabling you to do caloric testing with confidence.
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